Fulltime artist MAARTEN VAESSEN passionately makes iron rust sculptures. Maarten deliberately didn’t follow a specific Art Academy as he wouldn’t follow the teachers’ instructions anyway.


Mostly abstract, sometimes figurative; Maarten’s pieces are always pure and robust as he works with iron as his core material, sometimes combining it with large boulders he finds on the banks of the river Maas.


He forms iron with his tools and hands creating a particular style allowing for coarse welding seams, leaving splashes of hot iron on his work and incorporating dents and cracks.  His gardensculptures get even more fascinating over time as rain, snow and ice will cause his work to rust in various tones of brown and orange.


Art pieces are secured on heavy, hardwood plinths, which are oftentimes made of old and weathered sea bollards. Creating a balanced and very robust combination.


Maarten’s large Sculpture Garden and workshop in Kessenich, Belgium can be freely visited. In addition, he also selected a few galleries to sell his pieces. Lastly he tours Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany with his unique mobile gallery.

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- 8-9-10 en 16-17 november


  Haus Hohenbusch 

  Hohenbuscher Strasse  Erkelenz (D)

-19-20 Oktober

  Buren bij kunstenaars

  Atelier Janty 

  Nachtegaalstraat 33 Ingelmunster (B)

- August 15th till 18th


  Special guest Marianne Bongers paintings

  Daily 11.00h-17.00h

- March 16, 2019 until March 20, 2020

  KIV Outside. Kunst in Valkenburg (Art in Valkenburg)

  Chateau St Gerlach (NL)


- 30th May until 2nd June Ascensionday and following weekend

  Art without Borders (Kunst zonder Grenzen)  

  7 artists  (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany) exhibit in my 

  sculpturegarden and workshop.

  Daily 11.00- 17.00

- 29/30 th June

  Kasteelfeesten Grathem (NL)

- 7/8 - 14/15 - 21/22 september

  Kunst in der Fabrik

  Heinsberg-Oberbruch (D)

- Restaurant Smaakkamer Lavendel

  From March I exhibit sculptures in this quality restaurant.

  Located on the ancient market of Maaseik (B)



Gallery and sculpturegarden Giardino.

            Berg en Terblijt Maastricht NL

Gallery De Chêne. Merksplas Turnhout  B

Gallery Rembrandt. Eindhoven NL

Gallery Lieve Lambrech. Merendree B

Gallery Art VAlley. Herne B