Public Art

Art in public places.

For some time now Maarten has had the opportunity to make large steel art sculptures for public space.

Clients for this outdoor art are municipalities, provinces, institutions, etc.


This sculpture was designed by order of the municipality of Meerssen.
Location: Fregatweg/Meerssenhovenweg te Bunde (NL)
Completed in October 2018

VZW Ganspoel has bought, for the benefit of the new building, 5 of my sculptures for the interpretation of the freely accessible outlying area.

Location: Ganspoel, Ganspoel 2, Huldenberg (B)
Centrum Ganspoel is a learning- and living environment for people with visual and/or multiple disabilities.

Located in May 2022

The art sculpture Ovum was realized on behalf of Keijser&Co.

Location: Het Arsenaal, Grave (NL) House of inspiration, restaurant Ovum.
Realised in April 2021.

This sculpture was commissioned by the municipality of Bocholt.
Without title
Location: Bibliotheekplein, Dorpsstraat 2 Bocholt (B)
Realized in June 2018.